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Conservation and freshness of the caviar are secured best, respecting the following hints:

  • After receiving your order, our caviar tins can be stored for 12 weeks in refrigerator without being opened. Once opened, consume within 2 days.
  • The fish eggs will keep 6 months in refrigerator before opening and are to be consumed within one week after opening.

Some hints on caviar

How to recognize a good caviar ?

  • Grain should not be crushed. Should have a uniform color
  • Grains should be fluid and smooth, but not oily

The caviar is simply taken with :

  • toast,
  • blinis,
  • bread
  • by itself

Accompanying :

  • potatoes,
  • eggs,
  • pasta

Please visit our recipes around caviar !

Related Beverage

Caviar is best served accompanied by:

  • Champagne
  • Vodka
  • White wine,

For more info, go to our tasting tips page.


Controlled and mandatory traceability of the product: CITES tags

Guaranteed Freshness

The various steps of processing your order:

  • Filling caviar tin from the original tin
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  • Placing the caviar tin in special thermal bags
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  • Closing and sealing the thermal bag by special resistant tapes
  • Covering the bag with a black film to ensure total transport discretion
  • Closing with special tape reflecting the fragility of the goods inside
  • Strapping the package
  • Fixing labels necessary for delivery

The package is ready to be lifted for delivery to you as soon as possible.

Steps for preparing the shipping box:



The fish

The two major groups of sturgeon are Acipenser (Oscietre or Sevruga) and Huso (Beluga). They are predators. Sturgeon is one of the last representatives of teleost fish or full frame to remind us of the original form of the fishes having populated the seas with no fish bones. Sturgeon should be a model for modern fish types which give us so much trouble inside the plates.

In total there are at least 20 different sturgeon varieties, 5 of them live in Caspian Sea out of which only 3 yield caviar.

Victims of their fame they would have been disappeared without CITES protection since 1988. CITES regulates the export of Caviar. In 2008 less than 10 tons were exported from Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in total, vs 350 tons in 1990.




Nutritional Values

Far from being only a delicacy, caviar has other advantages. It is been told, being aphrodisiac, and has unique qualities. Sevruga, for example, has the following composition:

  • water (51,5 %)
  • protein (28 %)
  • lipids (16 %)
  • carbohydrate (1,5 %)
  • vitamins and trace elements (3 %).

The caviar proteins consist of arginis, histidine, isoleucine, lysine, and methionine. It’s lipids comprise 25 % of cholesterol against 75 % lecithin. It contains vitamins A, C, PP, B2, B4 and B12. Notwithstanding the follicular and pantothenic acid.

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